Body Composition Analysis

If you’re not ASSESSING

You’re simply GUESSING

What is body composition analysis?

The human body is composed of four elements – water, protein, mineral and fat. The ratio among these four is closely associated with health and differs according to gender, age, and genetic make up. The InBody 230 is state-of-the-art medical grade body composition testing equipment. It measures and analyses an individual’s body composition in terms of total body water, body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass and much more.

Why is body composition analysis important?

Ageing, stress, dietary patterns and physical activity can impact on our body composition. As such, it is essential to use more than just scales to assess your body. Being a certain weight does not necessarily mean you are fit and healthy, as weight alone is a poor indicator of good health. Remember, it is possible for the number on the scale to remain constant but to experience changes in fat and muscles mass. Maintaining a balanced body composition is therefore essential for ongoing health. If this balance gets disturbed, the following can occur: obesity, malnutrition, oedema, inflammation and osteoporosis.

Research shows that:​

  • individuals with unhealthy body compositions are 2.1 times more likely to have high blood pressure than people with healthy body compositions

  • individuals with high percentages of body fat are 2.9 more likely to develop type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol

  • a high body fat percentage is associated with cardiovascular disease, heart failure, irregular heartbeats and stroke

What can you do with your results?

The results from your body composition assessment can be used to establish your baseline, set realistic goals, identify risks, personalize your nutrition program or exercise regime and  evaluate how well these are working for you. The InBody 230 allows you or your dietitian to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training are influencing your overall body composition and health.

What is included in the Body Composition Analysis?

  • a full body assessment 

  • an interpretation guide

  • a brief interpretation of results (without nutritional advice)

 Health insurance rebates apply