Personal Training Plus

More than Personal Training

Personal Training is elevated at Top to Toe Health. With our amazing gym facilities combined with our calibre of trainers, personal training is on a new level.

Suitable for 10 to 50 year olds

Personal training is suitable for a wide range of ages. Our personal trainers at adept are working closely with children, teenagers, young adults and adults.

Body Transformations

The journey of self from old to new requires expert care and guidance. Our personal trainers have an extended history of achieving results and meeting expectations in the field of body transformations.

Power Lifting

Our personal trainers are masters of the techniques required to improve or further your power lifting. They have worked with both enthusiasts and athletes in a competitive environment.


Achieving the results you desire in the lead up to a body building competition can be difficult without the correct advice and guidance. Our personal trainers have trainer multiple competitors to finish on the podium.

Personal Trainers

Vivek Kumar