Podiatry is the treatment of foot-related conditions or injuries. Our podiatrists use the latest equipment (including 3D scanners, doppler ultrasound, podiatric drill) , custom made orthotics as well as footwear to treat foot problems.

Top 10 most common reasons patients see our Podiatrists

  1. pain in the arches of the foot
  2. heel pain
  3. treatment of skin problems e.g. corns
  4. pain in the Achilles tendon
  5. hip & knee pain
  6. diabetes assessment of the feet
  7. parents concerned about their child’s foot development
  8. stress fractures of the foot
  9. bunion management
  10. footwear prescription

Services offered by our Podiatrists

  • orthotic therapy
  • children’s foot & walking assessment
  • diabetes assessments
  • nail surgery
  • bunion management
  • specialist footwear fitting

Our Podiatrists

Nicole Soldatos

Tina Fanartzis

Jessie Quach