Diabetic Foot Care

Are you experiencing any numbness or tingling in your feet?

Are your feet really cold?

A cut not healing?

This could be a sign of diabetes?

Diabetes is a common disease that impacts greatly on our health and many Australians. Diabetes can lead to a variety of other health issues.


Signs for Diabetic patients to look out for-

Signs of this can include- cramps at night, pain in the lower leg walking and cold feet. Wounds taking longer/or not healing.

  • Numbness/tingling where there is a loss of feeling
  • Feet changing in colour
  • Cold Feet
  • Smoking


Why do Podiatry and Diabetes go hand in hand?

Individuals with Diabetes can often have poorer blood circulation down to their feet/toes and can lose feeling/sensation in their feet known as “Neuropathy”. These symptoms can put a diabetic patient at a far greater risk to health complications such as-

  • Ulcer- A large/deep wound that won’t heal
  • Amputation- In severe cases involving an ulcer amputation may be needed




Top To Toe Diabetic care

At top to Toe, we provide not only terrific diabetic foot care but also great education about the importance of daily foot checks, what to look for and the constant care that is needed for individuals with Diabetes. Diabetes Management is a top priority for Top to Toe, we not only have Podiatrist that have expert knowledge but also a variety of other health experts including exercise Physiology and  Nutritionists. 

A diabetes patient should be visiting their Podiatrist every 3-6 months.


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