5 Most Common Problems

Over the last 17 years, these are the most common foot problems that we encounter at Top to Toe Health.

Is yours one of them?

1. Heel & Arch Pain

Heel and arch pain are extremely common foot issues that people present with and can arise from a variety of reasons such as overuse or lower limb biomechanics

Podiatrists at Top to Toe Health are specially trained to help with this issue.

2. Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are a common problem that cause redness, swelling and extreme pain often affecting the big toe.

Are you also having an inability to cut nails from home?

Our Podiatrists can immediately help with this problem.

3. Corns & Calluses

Corns are hard layers of skin that have built up due to a variety of reasons including pressure, poor footwear and can be very painful.

Come see our Podiatrists who have the tools and knowledge to help.

4. Diabetic Foot Care

Over time diabetes can cause foot problems such as neuropathy (numbness of the feet), compromised blood flow and other major complications.

It’s vital to keep up to date with diabetic foot health and our podiatrists can help diagnose, treat and manage this condition.

5. Lower Limb pain, or Pain with running or walking?

Have you experienced pain in your knee, shins or ankles from walking/running?

Our podiatrists are experts in assessment of gait whether that be running or walking

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