Custom Orthotics

What are Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics are a special shoe insole that can be prescribed to people with various foot problems such as arch or heel pain, foot alignment, lower limb biomechanics, bunions and many other foot issues.

Do you think you may need Custom Orthotics?

If so we recommend you book an initial consultation with our podiatrists to assess whether they are appropriate.

How are the orthotics customised to your feet?

First of all we will analyse your walking pattern or gait. This is called a biomechanics assessment.

If orthotics would be required, the next step is to scan you feet using the latest podiatry foot scanners.

This is how we obtain a custom picture of your feet.

This information is then sent to our foot laboratory to create your customised orthotic

Once they arrive we will ensure that they fit in your footwear as well as correct the biomechanics problem(s).

How much will they cost me?

The cost of the orthotics will  depend on the number of ‘additions’ required to customise the orthotic, as well as the material chosen for your orthotic as well.

Our podiatrists will explain all the costs in detail to you.

Health insurance rebates may also apply.

Our podiatrists are also part of the BUPA Members First Podiatry Network which can help save you even more on the Initial and Review Appointments (not the custom orthotics themselves).

How can I book an appointment for Custom Orthotics?

Great. All you need to do is click on the link below and select an Initial Podiatry Appointment with Nicole, Tina or Tim

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