Group Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is form of exercise-based treatment performed in a warm water pool. It is performed in a group environment, with our physiotherapist supervising and providing exercises depending on your physical needs.

Top 10 reasons patients attend Group Hydrotherapy

  1. knee rehabilitation
  2. hip rehabilitation
  3. shoulder rehabilitation
  4. people who have arthritic joints
  5. patients with chronic pain
  6. low back pain
  7. patients who need gentle exercise
  8. patients who struggle with land-based exercises

Who runs the hydrotherapy group and how long is the session?

Our resident Physiotherapists will be fully in charge of the class. They will be in the pool with you demonstrating, guiding and correcting your exercises. The groups are 1 hour long.

Isn’t it the same as Water Aerobics?

No. See the table below.

Hydrotherapy Group Water Aerobic Class
Water temperature 31 28
Instructor Physiotherapist Lesser qualified
Exercises Tailored Everyone does the same
Rehabilitation Yes No
Health insurance rebates? Yes No

How many people in a group?

Hydrotherapy is a very popular form of therapy. Group sizes can vary but we allow a maximum of 10 patients per group. This allows us to properly manage the group and to provide better exercise-based treatment.

Do I have to wear bathers?

Yes. Alternatively shorts and a dark colour T-shirt are equally acceptable.

I can’t swim….can I still attend?

Yes. Hydrotherapy is usually performed in a depth of approximately waist to shoulder height. You are not required to swim during the group. Your head can stay above water the entire time.

How do I join your hydrotherapy group?

First you must call us and book in an Initial Consultation with one of our Physiotherapists. Your assessment will determine your eligibility to join the group.

Can I used my health insurance?

Yes. Provided your health insurance covers hydrotherapy, you should receive a rebate for your hydrotherapy costs.

Where and when is hydrotherapy run?

At present, it is on Fridays from 2:00-2:45 pm. It is located at Westerfolds Sports Centre which is located at 2 Swilk Street Templestowe.