Why choose us?

Trust is paramount when it comes to physical healthcare

It can be a difficult decision with whom to trust your physical health with. Below are 10 reasons why you should choose Top to Toe Health.

  1. We are a leading allied health clinic in Melbourne
  2. We provide over 26,000 consultations per year
  3. We have a team of 13 therapists spread across 5 physical healthcare disciplines
  4. The combined experience of our therapists extends over 160 years
  5. All our therapists are university qualified
  6. We utilise only proven (evidence based) treatments
  7. We have helped over 20,000 individual people since 2003
  8. We are trusted by over 100 doctors & specialists
  9. All our services are claimable under private health insurance (with extras)
  10. We were crowned MBEA Business of the Year 2015 & Professional Services Business of the Year 2015