Your Feet

Why come see a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are trained to assess, treat and manage everything that goes on in the foot, ankle and lower limb.

Are you living with a foot problem you need sorted? Has it been a problem for a while?

Have you got callus or corns that are super annoying and want it taken care of?

Do you have diabetes? Have you lost feeling in your feet?

Are you experiencing pain in your heel, arch or anywhere else in your foot? Is it getting worse?

Have you been carrying a foot injury that you think may needs attention?

Have you noticed any changes in your feet recently?

Do you think your knee and shin pain could be improved?

Do your kids ‘in-toe’ or ‘out-toe’?

Are you having trouble reaching down to cut your nail safely without risking an infection?

Are you having footwear problems? Need help choosing the right footwear?

Podiatrists are the foot experts and can help with may foot issues that you may have.

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What services do Top to Toe Health Podiatrists provide?

Skin and nail care
Unable to cut your nails at home? Have your nails become thick and brittle?

Customised orthotics
Do you have super flat feet? Do you have super high arched feet?
Do you have knee or hip pain?

Children’s foot & walking assessment
Are you worried about any changes in your child’s stance or walking?
Are they in-toeing? Are they out-toeing?

Diabetes assessments

Nail surgery
Do you have a persistent in-grown toe nail that keeps on getting infected?

Fungal nail treatments
Have you tried every off the shelf treatment with no success?
Are you worried about the appearance of your nail?

Wart treatments

Bunion management

Footwear advice
Do you need help finding the right shoe?
Are you wearing the best possible footwear for your foot type?

Computerised walking (gait) analysis
We analyse your walking (biomechanics assessment) to understand why you have pain with walking or running

Your Award Winning Podiatry Team

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