Back FAQs

Q:”I’ve just hurt my lower back. What do I do?”

A: Stop the activity which hurt you immediately. Find a position which provides relief e.g. lying down. Call your doctor regarding pain medication if required. See your trusted Physiotherapist or Myotherapist within the first 48 hours following the injury.

Q: “I’m experiencing pain or sensation which travels to my foot. What’s going on?”

A: This is likely to be sciatica. This is a form of nerve pain originating from your lower back. This will require physiotherapy and medical advice.

Q:”Does exercise help with back pain?”

A: Yes is can. Your trusted physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, myotherapist or personal trainor can tailor exercises to specifically address the deficits in your back e.g. range of movement, strength. Even in situations of chronic back pain, exercises can help to manage this in order to maintain a qualify of life.

Q:”My x-rays show that I have a disc problems and arthritis. Is this curable?”

A: As a rule of thumb, any degenerative changes in your spine are not reversible. However this does not necessarily mean that your symptoms cannot be improved. Your x-ray results do not always match up with your symptoms. It is common for people to have extensive changes in their spine, but are relatively asymptomatic.