Reviewing your Customised Orthotics

Investing in your custom orthotics means that you have invested in the health of your feet.

Therefore having your custom orthotics reviewed regularly is important.

How often should they be reviewed?

Custom orthotics should be reviewed every 12 months, regardless of how they are performing within your shoes. For school aged children they should be reviewed every 6 months. Especially is you have been exercising or walking more, this is important.

What could have changed?

Over a period of 12 months, the shape of your feet, the small muscles in your foot can change.

In children, the size of their feet are the most obvious change requiring a review. The state of your custom orthotics also needs to be carefully checked by our podiatrists to ensure the are meeting the demands of your lifestyle as well as footwear choices.

What should I bring to my review?

Please bring

  • your custom orthotics (can be left inside of your shoes)
  • any other shoes that you commonly house your orthotics in