Foot FAQs

Q: “My feet hurt when I walk or stand up for long periods of time. Do I need to see someone?”

A: Yes. Your trusted podiatrist will be able to assess your feet and see if there are any issues. A common problem is that your arches or ankle joint could be sitting incorrectly.

Q: “Someone told me my back pain is coming from my feet. Is this true?”

Yes and no. It is common that foot problems can lead to back pain, however this is not true in all cases. Your podiatrist and physiotherapist are experts in the diagnosis of issues such as this.

Q: “My bunions are getting worse. Is there anything that can fix it?”

Bunions are a form of arthritis in the big toes. They cannot be fixed. However if left untouched, they are likely to get worse which may one day require surgery. Book into see your trusted podiatrist in order to see if they can help to improve your overall foot mechanics and hence prevent further worsening of your bunions.

Q: “My heel hurts every time I get up in the morning. What’s going on?”

It is likely that you have issues relating to your foot, specifically your heel. Your podiatrist will help to properly diagnose the problem and work out whether you may have an irritated arch in your foot (plantar faciitis) or a abnormality with your heel (heel spur).

Q: “I need advice on the correct type of shoes. Who can help me?”

Your trusted podiatrist is the first person you should consult with. It is better to get advice directly from them before venturing out and purchasing the incorrect pair of shoes. Your podiatrist will advise you on exactly the type or model of shoe which will best suit your feet and lifestyle.