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Are you feeling more down than usual? 

Struggling with daily activities you use to find easy?

Feeling worried or overwhelmed with family or work-related matters?

I’m Ashley, from Accelerate Health, and I’m here to listen

Definitely reach out and speak to me if you are feeling a sustained period of low mood, depressed, anxious, or feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Or you may be in a situation where you have issues at work that are affecting you, or you’ve endured a traumatic situation you would like to talk about.

“What can I expect if I book in to see you?”

Glad you asked.

Whether you are an adult or child, I am here to, first of all, listen to your concerns. Period.

I use a variety of cognitive therapies to help you work through your thoughts and problems together.

When you meet me for the first time, I trust you will feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with me, and I will make sure you are the focus.

“Sounds great, but what are your qualifications?”

Happy to share. I have a Masters of Professional Psychology, as well as a Bachelor of Science with honours.

I was also previously the Regional Manager of a leading provider of allied health services including psychology.

“How can I book an appointment with you?”

It’s simple. You can click on the link below and book directly with me.

I’m practising from Top to Toe Health on Tuesdays between 9 am to 5 pm.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact me directly on 03 7018 9876

Telehealth and video conferencing are available on request.

“What is your Cancellation policy?”

A minimum of 24hrs notice must be provided for any cancelled appointments to avoid any fees.

“Do you provide psychology services under the NDIS and Mental Health Treatment Plans (MHTP)?”

Yes, I do.

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