Shoulder FAQs

Q: “I can’t lift my arm up. My shoulder really hurts when I try. What’s going on?”

A: Provided you have had no recent trauma, then it is likely to be a soft tissue injury (muscle, tendon) to your shoulder. This can limit your shoulder movements as well as cause pain. Call your trusted Physiotherapist or Myotherapist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. They will determine whether you need a referral to a GP for further investigations.

Q: “I have pain shooting down my arm to my hand. What should I do?”

Please see you GP immediately to rule out the possibility of a stroke. Otherwise this is commonly due to nerve irritation as a result of a neck issue. This can be treated by a Physiotherapist or Myotherapist.

Q: “My shoulders are really tight and aching. Any advice?”

A: Yes. This could be due to muscular tension in your shoulders, as well as a lack of strength. A remedial massage can help to remedy the tension. Following this,  supervised exercises performed with either a Physiotherapist, Myotherapist, Exercise Physiologist or Personal Trainer will also reduce or prevent the recurrence of these symptoms.