Falls & Balance

Have you fully recovered from your last fall?

Having a fall can cause an injury, but even more so a loss of confidence with one’s ability to walk or negotiate different obstacles and terrain. It can even be the main reason a person loses their sense of independence.

Who is the most susceptible to falling?

Once we reach approximately 60 years of age, our body’s ability to regulate balance rapidly decreases. Also if we have a prior history of falls, even those not self-inflicted, we are much more at risk of falling again. This is because an injury to our lower limb can directly affect our body’s sense of awareness when we walk.

We can help you regain confidence

Our Exercise Therapists, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists will together help you regain your confidence and independence after a fall. We can even decrease you chances of falling again and potentially save further injuries from occurring.

What is involved in the Falls & Balance Program?

1. A thorough assessment to determine your risk of having a fall. You will be given a score and recommendation by our Physiotherapist. This is Free of Charge.

2. Balance training with our Exercise Therapist. This will be a fully assisted and supervised one-on-one consultation which involves practicing the areas of your balance your most struggle with eg. single leg, obstacles, uneven surfaces. We will use an array of equipment to promote a challenging yet safe environment to improve.

3. Our Podiatrist will assess your feet to see if they contribute to your lack of balance. This can be a simple, yet vital part of regaining your balance

4. A review with our Physiotherapist to determine if your score has improved and any further treatment recommendations eg Group Hydrotherapy