Are you in Pain?

Do you feel stiff & sore in the mornings?

Are you experiencing back pain?

Do you find that you’re getting more headaches?

Are you suffering from knee pain?

Have you had a recent fall?

Is your sports performance being hampered by an injury?

Have you had recent joint surgery?

Our Physiotherapists can provide the solution to your problem!

Trust is Everything

At Top to Toe Health, it is our mission to help you understand and find the central cause of your injury.

We believe in treating the underlying issue, not just the symptoms to help you return to being pain free and moving with confidence.

Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and committed to improving your physical health and general wellbeing through an extensive assessment and treatment plan that is personalized just for you.

We focus on treating holistically and focusing on what is important to you- that is working with you and your fitness interests to achieve the best results throughout your time here with us.

We use a variety of treatment techniques, including manual therapy by massage, joint manipulation, education of your condition and exercise in our well-equipped gym onsite.

Let us support you in your journey to recovery for all your physical health needs, all the way from Top to Toe.

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Do you have ANY of these condition or injuries?

Rehabilitation following joint surgery

Following workplace or motor accidents

Clicking or painful jaw

What Physiotherapist services would you benefit from?

  • One-on-one rehabilitation
  • One-on-one exercise
  • Group exercise aka Clinical Pilates

Proudly Affiliated with BUPA and NIB

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