Myotherapy uses techniques to remedy muscles which are in a state of spasm or are “tight”, both of which can be a source of pain. Myotherapy adheres by the process of lengthening then strengthening the muscles which support our movement and function.

The Top 5 reasons people have Myotherapy

  1. shoulder pain
  2. upper back pain
  3. tightness in the hamstrings
  4. tightness in the calves
  5. strengthening & conditioning

What can I expect from a Myotherapy appointment?

At Top to Toe Health our Myotherapists utilise techniques such as cupping and needling to help address specific muscular issues which are causing pain or affecting day to day performance. A large component of Myotherapy is also corrective exercises in order to rehabilitate injuries.

Also what is Myofascial Electro Dry Needling?

Electro Dry Needling is a modified form of dry needling which utilises an electro-stimulation unit (TENS Machine) connected via cables to fine filament needles. The combination of dry needling with electro-stimulation provides deeper and more effective pain relief as the current of electricity stimulates more tissue and prevents pain signals from reaching the brain.

Electro Dry Needling is commonly used to treat Acute and Chronic Conditions such as:

Musculoskeletal Pain, Muscle spasm, Cramps, Hypertonicity, Trigger Points, Joint Pathologies, Arthritis, Stiff Joints, Nerve Pain and Post-Operative Pain.

What exactly is Myofascial Dry Needling?

Dry Needling involves the use of Sterile (single use) fine Filament Needles, to deactivate Myofascial Trigger Points within muscle fibres. Deactivation of Trigger Points helps to reduce painful symptoms, whilst restoring the soft tissue to optimal condition for proper function.

The advantages of using Dry Needling include a reduction in local, referred or wide-spread pain, restoration of muscle activation and an improved range of motion.

Can I used my health insurance for Myotherapy?

Yes. Provided your health insurance covers Myotherapy, you should
be eligible for a rebate. Please check with your own health fund if you are uncertain.

Do I need a referral to have Myotherapy?

No referral is required.