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Looking for a ‘hands-on’ approach to ease your muscle pain?

Need a Myotherapist who knows exactly how to pin-point your pain?

The moment the consultation begins you will instantly notice the level of Taylor’s skill as a myotherapist. For this reason, people travel from all across Melbourne to seek his expertise. This has lead Taylor to becoming a prominent health care figure in the eastern suburbs for almost a decade. During this time he has worked with numerous athletes and sporting clubs including the Collingwood Football Club, the Melbourne Boomers and at the Australian Open.

You will benefit from Taylor’s unique approach to Myotherapy. Taylor strongly believes that restoring your soft tissue to its normal state is paramount in preventing injuries, overcoming injuries and enabling you to perform at your peak. Especially if you have struggled with shoulder or back pain, Taylor will have your covered.

Trigger Point Therapy, Dry Needling, Functional Release Cupping and Shockwave Therapy are some of the techniques Taylor will use during your consultations. He will find which techique provides you with the greatest benefit and pain relief.

As well as being a practicing Myotherpaist since 2014 Taylor has been a registered Strength & Conditioning Coach since 2011. Once completing your hands-on treatment, you will graduate into the next stage of your Myothearapy treatment. Taylor will then utilise his dual skillset to prescribe you with corrective exercises, designed specificially for your needs to progess you further.

Growing up locally, Taylor played Basketball, Tennis and Football alongside Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). A personal achievement flowed from his natural athletic ability, where he was able to complete a 100m sprint in 10.34 seconds.

In his spare time Taylor loves tinkering with his car, producing music, surfing and hiking.

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Taylor is an independent associate Myotherapist