Home Care Package

Are you experiencing physical health issues such as back pain, sore knees and feet?

Are you feeling low in energy or finding it hard to do every day tasks?

Do you need help in maintaining movement and mobility?

Are looking for a non-government provider of home care packages?

Are you looking for a clinic which can provide these services under one roof?


A Home Care Package (HCP) is one of the ways you can access affordable healthcare services for yourself or someone you know who may have complex health needs that require a variety of expertise and input to provide well-rounded healthcare to improve quality of life and overall function.

These services include physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetics, and exercise physiology which are all services that we provide here as a one stop shop.

We are proud to be an authorised non-government funded service provider as part of the HCP program to support all your health needs. We are are able to work as a team with you to help you figure out what you need to achieve the best outcomes and improve your health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in knowing more, head over to myagedcare.gov.au/help-at-home/home-care-packages for more information on the types of services provided, the different levels of packages you can apply for and eligibility criteria. You will also find us listed as a provider on the National Health Services Directory.