Ankle FAQs

Q: “I’ve rolled my ankle. It’s swollen and it hurts. What should I do?”

A: Immediately stop any activity. Elevate and ice the ankle to manage the swelling. This can be done regularly until the swelling and temperature significantly reduce. Also avoid excessive heat around the ankle and alcohol in general as this can increase your swelling. Book into see your trusted Physiotherapist the following day. They can help to control the swelling and pain.

Q: “Should I wear an ankle brace when I play sport?”

In sports which have a high risk of ankle injury i.e. netball, basketball it is advisable to wear the correct ankle brace to prevent future injuries. Your trusted physiotherapist can help you fit this. However, following an mild ankle injury, it is preferable to engage in the correct rehabilitation before considering a brace. Your physiotherapist should help you rehabilitate your ankle in order to achieve a full return to function.

Q: “I have an old ankle injury, it’s not too bad, but should I still have rehabilitation?”

Studies show that without the correct rehabilitation, you are likely to re-injury you ankle or the opposite ankle in the future. Your physiotherapist will look at where your deficits are e.g. range of movement, strength, balance, function and treat accordingly.