Your Children's Feet

Kids’ feet are complex, they are growing and changing all the time

Are you worried about any changes in your child’s stance or walking?

Are they in-toeing? Are they out-toeing? 

Have they got heel/foot or knee pain?

Pain, structural, balance, walking and running problems can be quite common. Often children, especially during adolescence, can experience pain (growth pains such as Sever’s disease/Osgood Schlatters)

Has your child developed warts? Are you worried about these warts?

If you’re worried about anything like this, we recommend you book an appointment as soon as possible with Nicole or Tim

Watch this video below of a child having fun choosing the colour of their new custom orthotics

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You’ve made the right choice for your Child’s Feet

You need to find a podiatrist who has expertise in children’s feet and the specific problems they bring.

Making the right choice now will positively impact your child’s physical development for the years to come.

That is why choosing the right podiatrist an important decision for every parent.

At Top to Toe Health, we will make the session fun, enjoyable for both you and your child.

There is no need to worry about any scary techniques or procedures that may make your child feel uneasy.

We are confident in our ability to look after your children’s feet:)

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