Tim Roberts


Funny. Personable. Professional
Tim Roberts | Podiatrist

Podiatrist with Proven Results & Expertise with:

  • Children’s foot problems
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Prescribing orthotics
  • Sport-related foot problems

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Sore feet especially in the mornings?

Worried about your children’s foot development?

Have diabetes and need foot health check?

Tim is an amazing Podiatrist. The moment you meet him you will feel his energy and warmth. Despite being one of busiest podiatrists in Manningham, you will always be the centre of attention.

Tim has a deep interest in assessing foot biomechanics, working with children’s feet as well as prescribing orthotics. He is funny, personable, and always eager to learn new things.

With an extensive sports background, he understands that people want the best outcome delivered in the quickest time possible. Tim has a personal interest in competitive swimming and has competed for over 15 years. He has been a swim coach for over 7 years as well.

A funny fact is that Tim loves to impersonate celebrities.

Consulting Hours

Tuesday to Saturday. To secure an appointment with Tim click below

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