Vivek Kumar

Personal Trainer & Clinical Nutritionist

Genuine. Empathetic. Energising.
Viv Kumar | Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Over 10 years of Proven Results & Expertise with:

  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes management
  • Personal Training
  • Bodybuilding competition preparation (IFBB, ANB)
  • Nutrition for performance

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Are you wanting to transform your body?

Need to improve your health & nutrition?

Interested in proven weight loss strategies?

You will benefit from Viv’s experience as a leading Nutritionist and Personal Trainer in Melbourne. For over the past decade, he has empowered hundreds of people undergo body transformations. He can help you achieve the same by applying sound nutritional principles matched with the appropriate exercises.

Viv’s success is attributed to his ability to take a patient-centered approach. He will tailor the sessions to perfectly meet your needs and unique circumstances. Viv recognises that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. Let him maps out a clear road ahead for you and take the frustration out of the process.

Do you need motivation? One of Viv’s strengths lies in his ability to educate and empower you. This is important so that you can make sustainable lifestyle changes that you can be proud of. Especially on the days you feel tired and overwhelmed, this is where Viv excels.

Viv has faced and overcome his own personal health issues, which include Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. From experiencing victory over his own battles, you will instantly feel his empathy and understanding. This is especially evident when working with clients who are dealing with similar health challenges.

Viv has a particular interest in sports nutrition. If you are engaged in high levels of physical activity, Viv has an expertise in helping you optimise your diet in order to support your energy demands. Weight loss is another area of specialization. If you are looking to shed excess weight for a bodybuilding competition, for your own health reasons, or as recommended by a doctor, Viv is well-versed in creating effective strategies for you.

If you are a business owner or a professional athelete, Viv can help you boost your performance. Viv understands your nutritional needs which are required to support your demanding lifestyle and high performance. Over the years, Viv has been humbled by the number of athletes and business owners he has seen flourish as a direct result of working side by side with him.

Viv’s passion for health and wellness extends beyond his professional role. Let Viv’s triumphant story serve as an inspiration to you.

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Viv is an independent associate PT & Nutritionist