Back & Neck Pain

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What causes lower back pain?

The most common cause of lower back pain comes down to 3 main factors, all of which causes overloading to the lumbar spine.

  1. Repetitive bending and lifting
  2. Excessive sitting
  3. Excessive weight gain

What causes neck pain?

The most common cause of neck pain is usually due to poor neck posture for prolonged periods. Poor posture in general will always have an affect on how your neck supports your head (which in itself weighs approximately 8kg).


So how can I prevent back & neck pain?

A Physiotherapists role is to firstly investigate and determine the underlying cause for your pain. Without establishing the reasons for the pain, it will likely return in the future. Therefore a thorough assessment is required before treatment can begin.

In order to prevent further episodes of back and neck pain you must:

  • be ware of movements which load up you spine incorrectly
  • have good posture e.g. reading, at the office
  • know you limits when it comes to lifting
  • keep fit
  • Speak to a Podiatrist about having good footwear
  • undertake Clinical Pilates to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine

Most people will experience back and neck pain sometime in their lives. Some cases are short lived, however other cases can become chronic and debilitating.