Have you ever sustained an injury in the workplace?

Here at Top to Toe, we are a part of the InjuryNET practitioner treatment network to ensure you can get on top of your injuries as soon as possible so you can get back to work and have the skills to self-manage.

All it takes is a report of an injury by yourself to your employer, and they will search up to find registered providers on InjuryNET, making this a simple process for you to get on top of your treatment program.

InjuryNET makes it easy for employees and health practitioners to get started early on treatment for any injury you’ve sustained in the workplace. This program is designed to help bridge the gap between you, your employer and practitioners that can be a part of your rehab for early intervention and treatment.

Do you work at one of the following companies?

We work closely through Injurynet with the following companies to get you back to health sooner

Aldi, Myer, St John of God Healthcare, Telstra, Veolia, Westpac Group, Woolworths – BSW, Woolworths Dan Murphy’s, Wesfarmers (Kmart, Target, Officeworks), Tyre & Auto Pty Ltd

What am I entitled to?

If you are an injured employee under the InjuryNET program you are entitled to:

  • 4 medical visits
  • 4 physiotherapy visits
  • Basic x-rays for acute injury diagnosis e.g. to rule out fractures
  • Simple medications e.g. analgesics, anti-inflammatories
  • Simple ancillary e.g. tapes, bandages up to the value of $50

This is all handled by your employer without the need for an Employees Compensation Claim (ECC). An ECC is only required if you are taking time off work or the service or product you require is outside the Early Intervention Budget such as specialist referrals, diagnostic ultrasound, more than four medical or physiotherapy treatments, or products totalling more than $50.

We are proud to be InjuryNET providers to support you on your recovery journey. Let us be there to help you from Top to Toe.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling (03) 9850 7720 or emailing [email protected] for more information.