Sports injuries

What are some of the more common sports injuries?

  • sprained ankle
  • groin, hamstring, calf strain
  • bruises
  • soft tissue injuries of the knee
  • stress fractures especially in the lower limb due to repetitive loading

What sports have the higher rates of injuries?

No sport is injury free. However certain sports have a higher risk of injury due to the nature of play or the rules concerning physical contact. The 3 most common sports that lead to injury at a recreational or amateur level include:

  • netball (due to the stop-start style of play)
  • Aussie rules football (due to the physical contact between players)
  • gymnastics (due to the high impact and stress on the body)<br/>

How do I minimise the risk of becoming injured when I play sport?

  • warm up throughly using gentle sport-specific movements
  • stretching before and after a game
  • wear appropriate footwear and have your feet assessed by a Podiatrist
  • ask you Physiotherapist to tape up vulnerable joints
  • keep your fluid levels up before, during and after each game
  • keep your fitness up in the “off-season” to maintain muscle and tendon health
  • use good technique and form
  • allow adequate rest and recovery between training/games
  • have regular medical checkups
  • have your Physiotherapist or Exercise Therapist devise an appropriate exercise program