Calvin Yung


Personable. Engaging. Sportsman.
Calvin Yung | Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist with Proven Results & Expertise with:

  • Tennis & Badminton related injuries
  • Acute knee pain
  • Osteoarthritic hips joints
  • Health prevention
  • AFL related injuries

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Are your injuries stopping you from doing what you love?

Struggling to feel any change in your pain or symptoms?

Limited by your knee or hip pain?

Calvin understands the importance of progressing you through your injury. You will find Calvin very personable and attentive to your needs. You will leave with a sense of clarity and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Sporting injuries can be overwhelming, whether you are injured from running, racket or ball-related sports, you will benefit from Calvin’s knowledge gained from years of experience as a competitive badminton player. He can empathise with your sporting injuries having spent years as a therapist on the field alongside a renowned head AFL physiotherapist. 

Rounding out his expertise, if you are experiencing hip and knee joint pain from osteoarthritis, Calvin is well-equipped to help you understand and manage your condition. Alternatively, if you want to delay biological ageing or learn more about preventative health strategies, look no further. You will find great value from Calvin’s insight, which will help keep you on the right trajectory.

As a physiotherapist, Calvin believes in leading you on an individualised approach. Your appointments may include a combination of strength training, manual therapy, and health literacy to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Outside of the clinic, Calvin loves working out at the gym as well as spending time in nature hiking and camping. Otherwise, chances are you will find him catching up on a movie at the local Doncaster cinema. Feel free to share your favourite movies with him.

Calvin also speaks fluent conversational Cantonese and Mandarin.

Consulting Hours

Mondays to Fridays. Click below to secure a time with Calvin

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Calvin 理解您,通过他对疼痛的研究和治疗。您会发现 Calvin 非常亲切,他会关注您的需求。并将针对您的疼痛给予清晰的解读,和全面的治疗计划。
 运动受伤可能会让人感到沮丧,无论您是因为跑步、还是球类运动而受伤,您都会得到Calvin 全面的照顾,这无疑受益于 Calvin 多年作为竞技羽毛球运动员所积累的经验。他可以理解您的运动伤害,因为他曾在赛场上与一位著名的澳大利亚足球联赛理疗师一起工作。
作为他专业知识的补充,如果您因髋关节,膝关节或者骨关节炎而感到疼痛,Calvin 有充分的能力帮助您改善和管理您的情况。又或者,如果您想延缓生物衰老或了解更多身体预防保健的知识,您也会从 Calvin 的见解和经验中获得启发,这将帮助您把身体健康保持在正确的轨道上。

BUPA Members First Healthcare Provider

nib First Choice Provider

Calvin is an independent associate Physiotherapist