Matt Roussidis

Physiotherapist, FIFA Diploma Football Medicine

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Matthew Roussidis | Physiotherapist

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Are you struggling with knee or hip pain?

Does your Achilles tendonitis affect your sports performance?

Considering hip or knee replacement or reconstruction?

Matthew is a dedicated physiotherapist with an interest in sports-related injuries and rehabilitation. His expertise in rehabilitation following hip and knee surgery (replacements, arthroscopes) will make your recovery as smooth as possible. You can also have great confidence in his ability to rehabilitate you after an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, ankle ligament reconstruction or Achilles tendon repair.

In addition to his Physiotherapy degree, Matthew holds a FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine which enables him to better diagnose football-related injuries and lower limb conditions. You can rest assured as he also works closely with your orthopaedic surgeon to enable a speedy recovery and to minimise any complications after surgery.

If you have pain in your hip or knee due to osteoarthritis, your GP may recommend that you see Matthew. This reason is that he is a GLA:D practitioner, which is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people specifically with symptoms as a result of hip or knee osteoarthritis. If you are interested in enrolling in the GLA:D program, you will need to first book an initial consultation with Matthew so he can best determine your eligibility as well as course of action.

Additionally, if you are struggling with long-term tendon pain (Achilles, tennis elbow, rotator cuff) you will benefit from Matthew’s ability to administer Shockwave Therapy. This is a clinically effective treatment (in combination with specific exercises) to assist you with your tendon rehabilitation.

Matthew himself is a keen sportsman having played Aussie Rules since a young age. However, nowadays Matthew’s spare time is devoted to his family, which includes spending time with his wife and children.

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