Both Massage & Myotherapy use techniques to remedy muscles which are in a state of spasm or are “tight”, both of which can be a source of pain.

The Top 10 reasons people have Massage & Myotherapy

  1. aching shoulder muscles
  2. aching upper back muscles
  3. tightness in the hamstrings
  4. tightness in the calves
  5. stress
  6. to improve sports performance
  7. after training
  8. to decrease swelling in the knee
  9. to promote a sense of wellness
  10. tightness in the lower back

What is the difference between Massage  & Myotherapy?

Both Remedial Massage Therapists & Myotherapists use massage as a technique to address muscular issues inorder to decrease muscle spasm, pain or tightness.

At Top to Toe Health, our Remedial Massage Therapists are likely to address muscular issues which help to alleviate stress, low-level muscle tension, as well as to promote wellness. Our Myotherapists however utilised techniques such as cupping and needling to help address specific muscular issues which are causing pain or affecting day to day performance.

Can I used my health insurance for Massage & Myotherapy?

Yes. Provided your health insurance covers Massage & Myotherapy, you should be eligible for a rebate. Please check with your own health fund if you are uncertain.

Do I need a referral to have Massage or Myotherapy?

No. However, if you are under WorkSafe you will require a referral from your GP as well as written approval from the employer’s insurance company.