Women's Health

Are you an up-and-coming mum to a new bub?

Have you been experiencing any issues such as back pain or groin pain?

Are you looking for advice on how to stay fit during pregnancy?

Or even beyond the pregnancy, are you experiencing issues such as persisting incontinence?

At Top to Toe Health, we are here to look after you and the natural challenges you go through in every stage of life you experience as a woman, from pregnancy and beyond. Our qualified and experienced women’s health physiotherapists are here to support you and help you understand your condition better by performing a thorough assessment for your individual needs and getting you feeling empowered to move with confidence.

Pre-natal and antenatal care

Pregnancy is one of life’s most rewarding times, but it no doubt also comes with its challenges. It has a profound lasting effect on your body even after birth and the discomfort you experience is very individual and unique to you. It is also dependent on the stages of pregnancy you move through.

Here at Top to Toe, our experienced physiotherapists are here to help you be pain-free and give you the advice you need so you can focus on continuing to do the things you love and enjoying this special time.

Beyond pregnancy

Many women, whether after pregnancy or as we age, experience pelvic floor and bladder problems. It is completely natural as the pelvic floor supports many of our bladder, bowel and sexual functions over our lifetime. Therefore, conditions such as pregnancy, abdominal weakness from injury or surgeries or things that place a lot of pressure on that pelvic floor muscle can lead to its dysfunction.

If you notice you have been having difficulty controlling toileting functions, have had pelvic organ prolapse, are undergoing gynaecological surgery or have experienced those procedures, these are all important signs that you may need women’s health physiotherapy to help you manage these conditions.

Our goal at Top to Toe Health is to support you by helping you understand what’s the cause behind everything so you can keep living life with confidence and feel empowered with self-management strategies and tailored exercise programs to get you feeling strong

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