Looking after your feet is easier than you think


1. Heel pain first thing in the morning?

This is a very common complaint our Podiatrists hear at Top to Toe Health. “I can barely put my foot down for the first few steps. It usually gets better after I warm it up”

Has this ever happened to you?

This common issue can be caused by tightness in the soft tissue which runs on the under surface of the foot. Where this soft tissue attaches to the heel bone, is often where the pain is felt.

2. “I thought there was nothing you can do for bunions”

Bunions are a common occurrence. Bunions refer to the bony protrusion seen on the (inner) side of the big toe. Whilst bunions themselves cannot be completely fixed or corrected, if left unchecked they will often become worse.

This can lead to pain, a loss of balance, and difficulties finding the appropriate footwear.

Early intervention is key!

3. Don’t get friendly with your fungal nails

Having fungus growing on or under your nails is something that if often left untreated due to the embarrassment it can bring. If ignored, this can lead to nail deformity or loss.

More so, have you been lead to believe that there is no treatment for yellow, discoloured, thickened nails? Think again! Our Podiatrists utilise the latest techniques and pharmaceuticals to effectively reduce the appearance of unsightly nails.

Treatment is quick and discrete:)

So if you have any of the problems mentioned above, book online to see one of our trusted Podiatrists here at Top to Toe Health.


We look forward to seeing you soon,

From the Podiatry team at Top to Toe Health

P.S. If you have any questions  please email us straight back!


Award winning health


People often congratulate our team at Top to Toe Health for the awards we have won. We are truly thankful that we are the current MBEA Business of the Year as well as Professional Services Business of the Year. However what we most proud of is the standard of physical healthcare that we provide each and every patient. Each time we are given the privilege of leading someone to better physical health, the reward this brings is better than any accolade or trophy we may receive.

So thank you for the 20,000 people who have trusted their physical health to us over the past 13 years.

-Top to Toe Health


A Poem of Health

A Poem of Health

Our team of therapists
Look after more than backs
Our Physios are great
None of them are hacks

Our Podiatrists keep feet happy
You’ll be dancing in the street
Our Dieticians, leaders in nutrition
And yes…they all eat meat

Our Exercise Therapists are pros
Restoring fitness, dropping weight
But our Massage Therapists are awesome
Muscles leave feeling just great

We’ll see you soon at Top to Toe
Our team is award winning
Over 12 years we’ve been helping out
To keep your health singing


Experiencing sore or painful feet?

Are you experiencing sore or painful feet?

Keeping your feet heathy is such an important part of maintaining fitness and general health.

In fact, your feet can cause you issues that could be minor. However, foot issues can cause major issues throughout the body.

Some of these issues are listed below.

  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Heal pain (Plantar Fascitis)
  • Fungal nails
  • In-grown to nails
  • Collapsed arches
  • Foot related knee pain
  • Foot related back pain
  • Diabetes related food issues

If you are experiencing any of the above, it is recommended that you see your local qualified podiatrist for an assessment or call ToptoToe Health now for an assessment from one of our qualified Lower Templestowe podiatrists. 03 8850 0588



Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels and nerves leading to severe foot problems. In Australia, 1 in 4 adults have some form of diabetes.

Doncaster PodiatryThe symptoms of damage due to diabetes could be your legs feeling numb or cold, a tingling sensation through your feet or even painful burning sensations through your legs and feet.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, you should make an appointment to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. When you have diabetes, you must look after your feet to avoid any complications.

At ToptoToe Health, our Doncaster podiatrists will look after your feet using our 5 point check-up.


We check the following

  1. The circulation to your feet
  2. Your nerves through feeling and reflex
  3. Your foot shape
  4. Your toe nails
  5. And an overall check for dryness, calluses, corns cracks, or infections

Give us a call to make an appointment 8850 0588.



Diabetes and your diet

If you have diabetes, it is important to have the right kind of diet to both manage your diabetes as well as have a full and vibrant variety of food.

A well managed diet can help you improve your general health, establish healthy eating practices, manage your weight as well as your diabetes.

Doncaster DietitianWhen speaking to a dietitian about your diabetic needs, it is important that you look for an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) – a health professional who specialises in food and nutrition.

At ToptoToe Health, our Doncaster dietitian specialises in caring for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Call us for an appointment on 03 8850 05588 and start your journey towards a healthier you.



How Physiotherapy can help you?

Our Doncaster Physio Team can…

  • Reduce acute pain
  • Restore free movement of joints
  • Release stiff joints & soothe sore ones
  • Strengthen muscles for powerful and effortless movment
  • Stretch ligaments, muscles and nerves for flexibility
  • Correct balance of different muscle groups
  • Re-educate postural and movement habits
  • Relieve strain on muscles and joints

Do I need a referral?

A medical referral isn’t normally required to see a physiotherapist. However, they are required from a doctor if you are under WorkCover, Comcare, DVA or TAC.

Common ailments

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • knee pain
  • Family care
  • Headaches
  • Sports injuries
  • Post surgery rehabilitation



The Importance of Exercise and Balance

As we all get older, our bodies do age and your balance and strength does change. After a stumble or even a small loss of balance, we do tend to get worried about falling and that worry stops us from doing many ordinary tasks.

  • Playing with the grand children
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Going to the toilet
  • Even just going for a walk

If you have ever fallen over, lost your balance, tripped and stumbled or even injured yourself from a fall, you may have a balance issue. However, you are not alone.

One third of people aged 65 and over will fall every year and about one quarter of all falls result in an injury. Even the less serious falls can affect your confidence with completing your normal every day tasks – even just walking.

People have falls doe to weakness and a lack of exercise as we age. Some have developed balance problems and sometimes medicines or certain medical conditions can cause a fall.

However, falls are not just for older people – your balance can become worse from as early as 40 years of age. There is a way to lower the risk of a fall and that is exercise!

Your balance and strength can get better with the correct exercises no matter what age and specifically prescribed exercises by an experienced physiotherapist are the most effective. There are also many other health and fitness professionals who can help you.

At ToptoToe, we have a balance program developed by our Doncaster physiotherapists where we work with you to improve your strength and balance, improve trouble areas like stairs and help you regain your confidence with walking.

Call us for a free assessment 0n 03 8850 0588.